"Day of the Aurochs" in Minsk zoo

May 13 , 2014 at 13-00 an ecological event "Day of the Aurochs" will take in Minsk zoo.

Visitors will learn about the history of salvation aurochs , read about the diet of aurochs at the zoo , and even participate in an demonstration feeding. Staff of zoo will make quiz and riddles for young and adult visitors. Young artists will be able to realize their talents, portraying animals. Gifts will expect the most talented and savvy participants!

Аmusement rides, open-air cafe , souvenir stalls work in Minsk zoo.

International Mother Earth Day in Minsk zoo

   April 26 in Minsk Zoo passed the final events to markthe Day of Mother Earth (International Mother Earth Day), that Day celebrated around the world on April 22.


"Celebration of pancakes" in Minsk zoo

Funny event "Celebration of pancakes" was in Minsk zoo 3 March 2014.

Jester, Winter and Maslenica visited the zoo. Heroes of holiday offered to everyone to participate in cognitive contests and quizzes , the most knowledgeable participants received prizes.

For visitors of zoo on stage were : dance group " Farce " (head Kuprienko T.) , vocalists of Palace of Children and Youth " Zolak " " Pop Song " (head Vintsek A.) and  family studio «Lemari».

The end of the holiday was the ancient rite - burning effigies .

Visitors of zoo were able to make photo with the actors of holiday , ride a horse , buy souvenirs and eat at the food stalls .